Where can I get help online for ED?

There are many websites and forums online that offer help and advice for erectile dysfunction. This can be particularly helpful if you don’t want to visit your doctor for any reason or maybe want to research your condition before seeking further assistance. But where should you start? Here are a few helpful hints to get you progressing with your online research.

Open up your favourite search engine
Finding help online for your ED is not difficult and the first thing to do is to open up your favourite search engine, such as Google, and type in a few essential key words such as; erectile dysfunction; ED; impotency or even problems with erection.

Soon enough you will find yourself faced with a whole host of websites to choose from and to explore in more detail, but which are the ones to concentrate on?

Focus on practical help and support
You may find many of these sites are more focussed on selling you erectile dysfunction drugs rather than helping you to find out if you are indeed suffering from ED and how best to treat it. Usually it is best to leave these sales related websites to one side and to focus instead on the sites that can give in depth factual advice, support and assistance.

Forums give a personal insight
Forums can be particularly helpful as here you can exchange messages and even chat online with men who are suffering from the same problems and worries. By comparing symptoms, reactions to certain medications and remedies, you can gain some peace of mind, real support and recognition of the feeling that you are certainly not alone if you are being affected by ED.

Compile your own list of questions
Once you have spent time online researching and investigating the condition of ED then you can start to compile your own list of questions and concerns. This will help you a great deal so that when you do consult with your doctor or medical practitioner, you are forearmed with appropriate queries and a line of enquiry with which to approach an expert on the matter.

As you can see, carrying out your own research online is best used as a starting point. However, this is no substitute for a one to one personal medical consultation with a doctor. ED can be a complex complaint to deal with so even when you have researched it in depth; it is likely you will need professional help and support in order to return to your normal level of sexual performance.

Louise Loves Levitra!

It may sound like the title of a bizarre folk song, or a short story, but it’s true as far as I am concerned. My wife, Louise, is 49 and I am 54. We’re both divorced and remarried and have had a great five years together so far. We love each other’s company and have some things we like doing together, such as fell-walking in the Lake District, and some where we go out with our friends separately (me to rock concerts, she to musicals and plays). Where we have always had a great attraction to one another is in the physical department. To put it bluntly, I fancy her and she fancies me. Obviously neither of us are in the first flush of youth, but we try to keep relatively fit and trim, and she even likes my bald (well, shaved) head.

Into every life a little rain must fall. In ours it was that for some unknown reason I began to have disappointments in the bedroom more and more regularly. The more I was determined to push forward with having regular matrimonial “relations” the more it seemed to be a problem, and the more I became worried and stressed, which of course made the whole affair even worse.

We tried leaving sex off the agenda for a month (which was difficult, let me tell you!) but upon returning to it, the results were still patchy. I couldn’t seem to achieve and then maintain an erection long enough to satisfy us both. I’d heard of the little blue wonder pill Viagra, and always thought it was for young blades who wanted to go hammer and tongs all night. I hadn’t realised that it and the other drugs were for older men too. In fact especially! I went online and learned that what I had was a common “complaint” it was ED- erectile dysfunction. While changes to lifestyle could help, it was often necessary to give things a boost by taking a pill before sexual activity in order to help achieve an erection and then sustain it through sexual activity.

In discussion with Louise, I went to see my local GP, armed with information I had downloaded and printed off from the internet. He confirmed I was experiencing ED and that it was nothing to worry about. He recommended a drug I hadn’t heard of before called Levitra. He said it was one of the later oral treatments for ED on the market and was a good compromise in that it was reported to have less side effects than Viagra, and didn’t stay in the bloodstream as long as Cialis. He suggested I try it and come back and let him know how it went. It was a little pricey (I now realise that you often buy the genuine article online a bit cheaper- especially if you order in bulk) but the bottom line was that it worked. It was like when we were first married- full-blown full-on full-tilt sex. Brilliant. And my wife liked it too. I could satisfy both her and me. And the more it worked the more we wanted to have more sessions in bed! We’ve even gone into some light role-play with costumes to make it different and fun. Louise loves Levitra… And so do I!!



If you ever take a trip to Greece, you’ll find yourself not just in one of the birthplaces of Western Civilization but, indeed, in a Land of Heroes.  It’s from Greece that we take so many of our most cherished and archetypal figures.  From the might and fury of the proud Achilles to the brave Perseus and cunning Odysseus and, of course, Hercules himself, the Greeks had a conception of manhood which has continued to be celebrated throughout the ages.  The famed poet Lord Byron died in Greece in one of their revolutions, adding one more great name to the list of heroes associated with that great land, a land where heroes are so often expected to stand for excellence in all fields and always stand as statuesque paragons of mental and physical perfection.

These high expectations have been passed down to us and our modern society, and they can be difficult standards to live up to.

When the Greeks made statues of their heroes, they were always anatomically impressive.  For the millions of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, this can represent a daunting standard to live up to.  Even today, stars such as Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pine and Henry Cavill dominate the Hollywood superhero and action hero scenes and, in so doing, represent both a whole new standard of manhood to live up to while still, in one way or another, echoing those original standards set by Perseus, Theseus, Aeneas and other Greco-Roman icons.  When you picture these stars, you picture them as young, strong, handsome and virile—

You wouldn’t picture Green Lantern, Captain Kirk or Superman suffering from erectile dysfunction.

A self-image issue isn’t one to merely shrug off.  Others can sense when you have a poor self-image of yourself, and this can itself reflect back on you and lead to reduced performance at work and, of course, in bed.

There are several options available to help you—you can choose to buy Viagra, Champix, Caverject or another natural male enhancement drug,and there’s no doubt that they can all give you a tremendous boost in performance and confidence alike.

But to get the most out of any natural male enhancement treatment, you must realize that these are “only” supplements.

There are plenty of pills that can enhance your performance, but only you can transform yourself into the hero you’ve always wanted to be.

What is Levitra?

The prescription medication Levitra is the brand name of vardenafil, which is what’s called a phosphodiesterase inhibitor.  This medication works to increase blood flow to the man’s genitals during sex so that he can achieve and sustain an erection.  Before you take this medication it’s important that you understand certain precautions and risks to its use, and discuss these with your doctor.   While the medication is typically considered safe, there are some side effects that could be serious and life-threatening.

Medical Interaction

Never take Levitra with any nitrate medication as this can cause a drop in blood pressure that can be serious.  It can also lead to a heart attack or stroke, and fainting spells.

You need to tell your doctor if you have any history of heart disease or heart attacks, a history of stroke or heart failure, a history of what is called Long QT Syndrome, a history of seizures, any abnormal blood pressure, liver disease, any history of kidney disease and especially if you’re currently on dialysis, any type of blood cell disease including anemia, have had or currently have an ulcer, have any bleeding disorder, any vision problems or vision loss, any type of disorder of the eyes, any deformity of the penis, or if you have been told that sex may be dangerous for you.

Side Effects and Risks

During sex, it’s important that you stop and call your doctor if you experience dizziness, nausea, numbness, pain, and tingling in the chest, arms, jaw, or neck.  It’s also important to seek medical attention if you have an erection lasting more than four hours as this can cause damage to the penis.  You should also top taking the medication and call emergency services if you experience a sudden loss of vision.

Other serious side effects may include chest tightness, chills, labored breathing, fainting, difficulty with swallowing, hives, nervousness, pounding in the head and the ears, puffiness around the face especially in the eyelids and tongue, shortness of breath, unexplained rash, watery eyes, vomiting, and wheezing.

Some side effects do not necessarily need medical intervention.  These may include a feeling of warmth in the upper body, stuffy nose and sneezing, slight stomach pain, sour stomach, pain in the back area, bloody nose, tingling feelings along the arms and legs, slight changes in vision, cough, difficulty sleeping, dry mouth, sore throat, slight fever, increased heart rate, swelling of the face, sensitivity to sunlight, indigestion, joint pain, muscle cramps and stiffness, muscle tightness, pain in the neck area, fatigue, unexplained sleepiness, and tender glands in the neck.

Be sure you talk to you doctor about these side effects of Levitra and understand when you need to seek medical intervention.  Stop taking the medication if you have any signs of an allergic reaction or find the side effects to be severe and uncomfortable.  Your doctor may need to adjust your dose or may need to administer other medications to protect against these risk factors.

Get Real Leverage with Levitra

This article is about one of the “big three” treatments for male impotence- better known as erectile dysfunction or ED. The other two treatments are Viagra and Cialis. When Viagra was introduced in the mid to late 1990s it revolutionised not only the treatment for ED, but also brought the problem out of the closet. Suddenly everyone was talking about it, and what it could do.

ED is huge. When I first realised that I may have a problem, I looked online (Pharmacy2u.co.uk) and was astonished at the number of men who also have the issue. I thought I was in a small minority of those in their late 50s who were having trouble making love (or whoopee, or having sex, or however you want to describe the physical side of sex). Not so! It is estimated that half of all men in the UK between 40 and 70 years old will experience at least one episode of erectile dysfunction or ED. Many, like me, will find it occurs with increasing regularity as the fear of failing to satisfy your partner and yourself dampens ardour and makes you think twice before initiating sexual words, moves and foreplay ready for a sex session. Problems with erections may stem from a number of sources- medications, chronic illnesses, poor blood flow to the penis, drinking too much alcohol, or being too tired/stressed. Lifestyle changes, medications and other treatments are often used to treat ED, often in combination. But the oral ED treatments now available can help in one-off situations to provide the lead in your pencil.

Vardenafil is the active ingredient in Levitra, the very small yellow tablet that can change your (sex) life and restore confidence in your sexual powers and prowess. In combination with sexual stimulation, vardenafil works by increasing blood flow to the penis to help a man get and keep an erection. It is most certainly not a mind-changing drug that will make you into a frenzied crazed stud. Nor will it increase your desire to engage in sexual activity. It is not an aphrodisiac. All it does is help your body to behave as it should when you are sexually aroused and want to engage in sexual activity- including sexual intercourse (penetration)- with your partner.

This drug does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (such as HIV, hepatitis B, gonorrhoea, syphilis).  You should still practice safe sex (e.g. by using a condom). Nor will it stop conception. It should also not be used without direction from a qualified clinician, such as your GPO, or a registered online pharmacist able to engage in a consultation with you. This is because ED treatments are quite strong and may not be suitable for your individual circumstances, taking into account your general health, past medical history, medications you are taking, and other physical factors. If you are given a prescription for the drug then read, carefully, the Patient Information Leaflet in the box of tablets before you start taking vardenafil and each time you get a refill. This will tell you (or remind you) how often you can take a tablet (no more than once every 24 hours) and set out the side effects you may experience. These are usually minor or non-existent, but if you find them troubling, then stop taking the drug and consult your GP.

But for the majority of men, this drug will give a real boost to the bedroom, and allow you to turn back the clock and enjoy the sort of sex you had when you were younger. More power to your elbow (or something else, perhaps) because Levitra gives leverage.